Ritz Carlton

We are proud to present to you the lobby installation at the Ritz Carlton, reflecting a profound "Sense of place." Meticulously crafted by Dara Davis, and Rene Robinson from Dove Mountain Homes. Each wall unit showcases a breathtaking Navajo Rug from the Sunset Interiors Collection, evoking a sense of timeless elegance. Complementing these masterpieces, the space features a curated selection of Native American pottery and baskets, each piece telling a story of cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship. Petrified wood tables lend an air of geological marvel, their ancient allure serving as a testament to the enduring passage of time, while onyx lighting imbues the space with an earthly ambiance. The Milan sofas from Hancock and Moore invite relaxation, while the Universal Garrett metal chairs, adorned with fabric from The Black Mountain School Collection, offer a contemporary twist on traditional design elements. Inspired by Arizona's rich history, the installation aims to immerse Ritz visitors in the captivating narratives of the region, inviting them to discover the beauty and diversity of its cultural tapestry. For those captivated by the ambiance, the option to acquire these exquisite rugs and artifacts awaits, offering a tangible connection to the essence of the Southwest.