Who We Are

Sunset Interiors is a furniture and design studio open anyone looking for something extraordinary. If it’s a one of a kind piece perfect for your mantle, we can help you find it. If it’s a new look for your entire home, we can help you build it. The excitement and thrill of design never wanes our hearts. Even after 40 years, each new client opens doors to challenges, lessons, and blessings. Whether you are looking for a designer for a large project, or just want to shop the unique, come visit us at Plaza Colonial in the beautiful Tucson Foothills.

With so many people moving to Arizona, I felt the need to incorporate authentic Native American Rugs, Baskets and Pottery into my design, and my stores. I now call this part of my business
Jackson-May Trading Co. There are two showrooms to explore.

"We Love It"

Dara is the complete package. Creative, intuitive, inquisitive, resourceful and experienced. We really like her collaborative design approach. She encourages inputs and ideas in the process. The results in our whole house project speak for themselves. We love it.

"Beautiful Items"

Where have these design professionals been all my life? I happened onto this establishment a few months ago and was so impressed to be speaking with people that understand "regional" style rather than limited concepts that do not address my objectives. The showroom is expansive and contains beautiful items that pique my interest and imagination.

"Experience, Responsive, Creative"

Dara Davis, owner, just "gets it" when it comes to interior decorating. Her company has extensive experience, responsive to individual taste, creative, great ideas for problem solving and does every area of your home. We've used her for both houses we've built.

Sunset Interiors

Full Service Interior Design

Our professional design staff works with you to transform your home from floor to ceiling. From blueprint to the last accessory, a single room or an entire hacienda, we do it all. We have decades of experience in every style… From rustic to contemporary, we help you discover your design style.

Shop with confidence that our products are curated by professional interior designers.

Dara is known for her regional aesthetic, but we have specialists that focus on contemporary design as well.

Created just for you, so much of our work is a custom creation unique to your home.

Dara curated products feature one of a kind furnishings to antique furniture from all over the world